HOT SALE !!! 2002 BMW 745i

HOT SALE !!! 2005 BMW 745IL

 HOT SALE !!! 2002 Mercedes SLK320





 We are privileged when a client decides to allow us to play a role in the choice of that "perfect" car. Sometimes, the client is a well known friend, at other times a first time visitor who is just browsing through our select cars. As they select their vehicle, they often give us a cherished gift in return: they tell us "a friend recommended me."

Our friends know, that when it comes to purchasing a car especially a reliable car, they can always count on us. All of our vehicles are carefully selected, thoroughly inspected and properly serviced so that you may buy with confidence.

We understand that buying a car online is a little different than physically looking, touching and driving it, that is why we try our best to list as much information as possible in our ads that are placed on Autotrader.com, TheFlyer.com, Ebay.com, and Craigslist.com, and we try to upload  as many photos as possible on each automobile listing we have for sale.

We also welcome all buyers to come, meet our sales associates and test-drive our precious vehicles, and judge for your selves. We also assist with airport pickups, we look forward to doing business with you. Thank you for sharing your
confidence in Pioneer Automotive Inc.


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